Hot Wheels Motorsport Wish List

The more cars and bikes I add to my collection the more I want to get to complete my newly created Hot Wheels Motorsport “Spotter Guide” to illustrate the available options out there in the 1/64 scale diecast world.

In addition to my core collectables I’ve stocked up on cool cars I offer to trade to others for what I like… and the question always comes up: “what are you looking for?”

This list is what I’m looking for:

Ducati 1098R

Check out Hot Wheels Collector News for a complete list of this 2010-2013 bike model: Click here!

Ducati 1199 Panigale

While I have a few Ducati 1199’s already there are a few more 2014+ models I’d like: Click here!

Lotus Evora GT4

The 2013-2014 release of the Lotus Evora GT4 would be nice to acquire: Click here!

Saleen S7

While it was made from 2002 onwards I’m especially interested in the 2010 version of the Saleen S7 Race Car with a big wing and air scoop added. Click here!

Ferrari F1

Though I doubt I’ll ever get my hands on any of these realistic looking 1999 production F1 cars, I would really love to get at least the above Ferrari and BMW versions in their true liveries. Click here!

Tyrrell P34

Speaking of must-have Formula 1 models, the 2010 Tyrrell six-wheeler is at the top of my list. Click here!

Porsche 917K

This short tail version of the 917 beauty of which I already have a few long tail version is a must for me, and I think I’ll get one fairly reasonably priced as it was a recent release. Click here!

Porsche 993 GT2

This limited edition, fancilly boxed 911 will be impossible to get cheaply. Click here!

Porsche 911 GT2

However this mainline from 2010 should be doable: click-here!

Ferrari 360 Modena – Ferrari Challenge

This would be awesome to have, Ferrari Challenge F360 from 1999 production run, click here!

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

The 2009 run of the next Ferrari Challenge F430 is a must too, Click Here!

Ford Fiesta Rallycross

After participating in Red Bull Rallycross I got a really soft spot for the Ford Fiesta, would love to add a few more of these colorful gems to my collection. Click here!

Ford Falcon V8 Supercar

One of the more illusive race cars I have been having trouble getting cheaply on eBay is the series of Ford Falcon V8 Supercars. I definitely want these in my collection. Click here!

Huge thanks to folks forcataloging this hobby so well for newbies to have such an amazing resource to go by. My collection keeps growing so this page and my general wish list is constantly updated. Stay tuned!

Hot Wheels Motorsport Spotter Guide

The more time I spend away from participating in Motorsport the more nostalgic my Hot Wheels hobby makes me feel. So I had an idea to catalog my collection into a Motorsport spotter guide much like those famous Andy Blackmore sportscar guides I would often share before every endurance race I went to marshal. This is going to be my attempt to create something similar. For not just sports car racing but also open wheelers, moto racing, rally and historics.

Should be fun!

Hot Wheels 24h Endurance

Hot Wheels 60’s Historics

Hot Wheels 70’s Historics

Hot Wheels 80’s Historics

Hot Wheels 90’s Historics

Hot Wheels 00’s Historics

Hot Wheels 10’s Historics

Hot Wheels Grand Prix

Hot Wheels Rally El Segundo

Hot Wheels Moto Grand Prix

Hot Wheels Formula Drift

The photos for this spotter guide came from

This post is a work in progress will add more cars as they are acquired for my collection.

For a complete catalog of my HW and Matchbox collectibles: click here.

Dreamliner Euro Trip 2019

Its been a while since I chose a flight to book specifucally based on the airliner that flies that route. For my upcomming trip to Europe I will be going slightly out of my way (and way out of my way on the return) just to fly Boeing’s Dreamliner across the Atlantic.

It won’t be my first time flying this bird. I was booked on it twice already. First time using United Airline miles to fly partner ANA to Tokyo, but that flight suffered equipment change and I got to ride an old 777 instead. And a Scoot Air short hop between Bangkok and Singapore which wad so late at night and so short I don’t remember much from that experience. Much like my previous experiences hunting after booking Airbus A380 international flights I’m very much looking forward to a longer Dreamliner experience. On my way to Paris I will have to take a positioning flight to Chicago. And returning from Munich I will overshoot home by flying to Dallas and then take an Airbus A321 flight home.

Between France and Germany I plan to rely on European fast train options, but IF stars align I would snag a cheap short flight in a heartbeat.

Wish I didn’t let my Air France miles expire I had almost 10k sitting dormant at one point, but disapointingly I discovered that the only way to keep them was by flying, partner earnings (like dining and shopping) did not help.

I will share more info on my plans for this Euro Trip later. It has been an exciting experience already just trying to secure the reward booking from AA. I was just over 1k miles short for redemption, it took me more tham ten trips to various local restaurants for lunch to prop up my points balance via AAdvantage Dining… so glad those kind of options are out there.

more to come soon….

PS. I will be so pissed if my flight experiences equipment change again or if Dreamliners get grounded again for some reason this September.

Hot Wheels GT3 Diecast Collection #TinyRaceCars

Mission accomplished once again. The Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture line keeps getting better and better. That’s those tiny 1/64 scale wide cards with fancy artwork cars featuring rubber wheels and metal base for $5.49 apiece instead of standard mainline cars that sell for $0.94 at Walmart or a bit more everywhere else. Well 2019 is getting pretty awesome so far with incredibly detailed modern GT3 machinery… exactly what got me into collecting Hot Wheels a year ago.

Sadly I’m not the only one hunting for these awesome things in Northern NJ and it took me many fruitless trips to the local stores where all I accomplished was burning a lot of gas. Today my luck changed around. While going to get my taxes done I finally stumbled upon an Easter display at Target that had all the cars I really wanted in my collection. Woo Hoo!!!

Audi R8 LMS
Mercedes-AMG GT3
Will keep hunting for that Momo Mercedes-Benz 190evo
Acura NSX GT3
Acura NSX GT3
Boom! Mission Accomplished…
Nice match to the 2017 release EuroSpeed series
Mixed with my former mission accomplished Mazda 787B

Well there you have it folks… super happy with my growing collection and looking forward to future fantastic releases.

Hot Wheels For Sale

I sold my first few Hot Wheels models today. Why?

Few reasons… started running out of wall space because I bought too many. My collection is straying a bit from my initial goal to collect only modern GT3 machines. Was a bit curious to see if anyone would buy them… come across someone crazier than me willing to pay more for a toy than the stores sell them for, etc.

It was an interesting experience. I listed my small 3 car Forza Motorsport series collection for $11 bux each giving myself a little wiggle room for the inevitable negotiation. Within an hour I had 3 offers for the BMW 2002… one guy offered to take the lot if I give him a deal, so I took a dollar off selling 3 for $30.

As much as I liked the card art in these they just didn’t fit with the rest of my Car Culture Real Riderz collection.

I’m thinking of selling a few more. The profit on each model won’t make anyone rich but it will offset the fuel I burned going to the store and coming back empty handed because they never seem to have Hot Wheels on the pegs anymore. Than again it’s probably because of people buying them cheap and reselling for more money like I just did. Welcome to capitalism.

The other thing I did was found someone to trade my spares for something I like. And while initially it seemed like a great idea the shipping cost killed the deal for me.

I’ll write more about this once I receive the package. But for now I’m on the hunt for more stuff I like to have on my wall, which currently features a lot of placeholders I’m looking to get rid of.

Birthday at the Museum in Germany

Looks like I’ll be spending my birthday in Europe this year. I have a commitment in France but am planning to spend at least half of my trip in Germany and specifically some places I haven’t been to before: Stuttgart and Munich. And since I’m not planning on volunteering this time for any Motorsport event I’m totally debating visiting some amazing Automotive museums over the course of four days… the plan is to spend half a day exploring each one of the following (and starting the process of researching the logistics of doing each one):

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Factory Tour

Mercedes-Benz Assembly Plant Tour Sindelfingen

BMW Welt & BMW Museum in Munich

And if time and money allows:

Mazda Classic Museum Frey in Augsburg

Thanks to Maggie from Germany for the Mazda Frey museum suggestion!

I’m super excited about the prospect of this trip. Hopefully I get to do everything I’ve planned so far and then some. More research and info to come soon.a

Hot Wheels 1st Editions Race Cars

Finally had the time to pin my First Editions Hot Wheels mainline race cars I bought off eBay to their new display spot.

Since cars of this vintage don’t have unique blue cards like modern Hot Wheels displaying them as a group is a little easier because they can overlap so only the bubble with each race car is visible. Having done that though I wanted to share some pix from my new favorite HW Collectors web site of what each car looks like out of it’s packaging… I’m using this resourse both to display my cars without cracking open the packaging and as a link to educational material as the site illustrates all available options for each model… most of which I don’t have in my collection. So here we go!

Mercedes-Benz CLK LM aka Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

This car was the reason I went looking for vintage Hot Wheels on eBay. This is the homologated street version of the amazing race car that dominated one of the best racing eras of all time. Read more about the model here:

Porsche 911 GT1
Porsche 911 GT1
Porsche 911 GT1

The cars that battled the Mercedes and dominated in their own right were Porsche 911 GT1. I bought three different versions, with the #38 Champion livery being my favorite because it accurately represents the IMSA model that raced stateside. More info on models:

Cadillac LMP

I first got to see this car in action a few years ago while volunteering for the Historic Daytona 24 hours. It was stunning. More about the model:

Panoz LMP-1 Roadster

I’ve only seen one of these on display at Lime Rock but it looks amazing. Don Panoz founded the American Le Mans Series and it was my favorite before it merged with Grand Am. More here:

Panoz GTR-1

I don’t believe I’ve even ever seen one in person, but on TV it looked amazing battling European and Japanese Le Mans cars of it’s vintage. I ordered it because it seemed cheap at $2 shipping included, it was cheap because the bubble yellowed. More:

Olds Aurora GTS-1
Olds Aurora GTS-1
Olds Aurora GTS-1

Saw one of these race at a Historic event at Daytona. The #11 white model accurately represents a Hot Wheels livery race car that really participated in American Motorsport. Not sure why the card labels it as a GT3 model though, it definitely isn’t as the road car was a 4 door sedan. More:

Ferrari 333SP

Saw this iconic Ferrari at the Daytona Historic racing series 24 hour race. Sounded fantactic. There is a Momo/Lista livery model produced that i should get my hands on. More:

Riley & Scott Mk-III

Saw a variation of this model at Daytona Historics event. Looked similar to the Ferrari 333SP which also raced in the same IMSA series. Riley still makes awesome modern race cars from Grand Am Daytona Prototypes to current Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars. More:

Shadow Mk-II

Can-Am racer. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one though I’ve watched plenty of McLaren Can-Am cars race in New Zealand. Had to have it! More here:

Chaparral 2

First heard of Chaparral by reading the victory wall above the pits at Sebring. It had won the grueling 12 hour. And it’s an American brand! More:

Chaparral 2D

Apparently the race car went thru constant development even in the same racing season. This one grew a roof in it’s 4th iteration. More:

At the other end of the race car spectrum, faster than the Le Mans prototypes and GT cars is IndyCar and America is obsessed with it’s Indy 500. The No Fear car represents one of my favorite IndyCar designs back when they looked like F1 cars. More:

Ford Escort

Escort Rally… More:

Ferrari 360 Modena

The F360 model is famous for a lot of things, I find it awesome because of it’s single make series in Ferrari Challenge appearance. And later as GT3 / GTC race versions. I’m fact there is a Coca Cola livery Ferrari Challenge version I need to find. More:

Mercedes-Benz C-class

This model looks a lot like the German DTM cars of that era. Love it. More:

This page is continuously being updated. If you spot errors please let me know. Stay tuned for more.

GT3 Race Car Wiki & Spotter Guide

The modern Grand Touring class of racing is currently by far my favorite form of Motorsport. It’s true when it came to selecting what race events I wanted to volunteer in the past and it’s true now when it comes to what diecast models I choose to add to my collection.

What are GT race cars, and specifically the very best of them – the GT3 cars?

Here’s the list below, borrowing heavily from the FIA GT3 Wikipedia page (and with real photo examples:

The list includes GTE cars which are Factory Motorsport efforts that are either heavily modified GT3 cars or GT3-prototypes later released for Customer Motorsport efforts as GT3 cars. These are the top-Pro GT teams that compete in WEC and IMSA.

Acura / Honda

Acura NSX GT3 aka Honda NSX GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-047 / Racing since 2017-
Photo credit:


Ascari KZ1-R GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-006 / Racing since 2005-
Photo credit:

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Vantage GTE
Racing since 2018-
Photo credit:
Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-032 / Racing since 2013-
Photo credit:
Aston Martin DBRS9
FIA Homologation # GT3-003 / Racing since 2006-
Photo credit:


Audi R8 LMS (2nd Generation)
FIA Homologation # GT3-038 / Racing since 2013-
Photo credit:
Audi R8 LMS (1st Generation)
FIA Homologation # GT3-017 / Racing since 2009-
Photo credit:


Bentley Continental GT3 (2nd Generation)
FIA Homologation # GT3-049 / Racing since 2018-
Photo credit:
Bentley Continental GT3 (1st Generation)
FIA Homologation # GT3-035 / Racing since 2013-
Photo credit:


Racing since 2018-
Photo credit:
FIA Homologation # GT3-043 / Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:
Racing since 2012-
Photo credit:
FIA Homologation # GT3-023 / Racing since 2010-
Photo credit:
BMW Alpina B6 GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-018 / Racing since 2009-
Photo credit:


Cadillac ATS-V.R
FIA Homologation # GT3-039 / Racing since 2015-
Photo credit:


Camaro GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-033 / Racing since 2013-
Photo credit:


Corvette C7.R
Racing since 2014-
Photo credit:
Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R
FIA Homologation # GT3-045 / Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:
Callaway Corvette Z06.R GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-026 / Racing since 2008-
Photo credit:
Corvette C6.R GT1, GT2 and Corvette Z06.R GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-005 / Racing since 2005-
Photo credit:


Ferrari 488 GTE
Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:
Ferrari 488 GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-044 / Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:
Ferrari 458 GTE aka Ferrari 458 Italia GT2
Racing since 2011-
Photo credit:
Ferrari F458 Italia GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-029 / Racing since 2011-
Photo credit:
Ferrari F430 GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-009 / Racing since 2006-
Photo credit:


Ford GT3
Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:
Ford GT GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-011 and GT3-016 / Racing since 2007-
Photo credit:
Ford Mustang FR500GT GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-010 / Racing since 2007-
Photo credit:


Emil Frey Jaguar G3
RACB Homologation # G3-105 / Racing since 2012-
Photo credit:
Jaguar XKR-S GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-021 / Racing since 2009-
Photo credit:
Jaguar XKR GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-012 / Racing since 2007-
Photo credit:


Lamborghini Huracan GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-040 / Racing since 2015-
Photo credit:
Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 GT3 and Gallardo FL2 GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-024 / Racing since 2011-
Photo credit:
Lamborghini Gallardo LP520 GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-004 / Racing since 2007-
Photo credit:


Lexus RC F GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-046 / Racing since 2017-
Photo credit:


Maserati GranTurismo MC
FIA Homologation # GT3-034 / Racing since 2009-
Photo credit:


Mercedes-AMG GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-042 / Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-028 / Racing since 2011-
Photo credit:


McLaren 720S GT3
FIA Homologation pending / Racing since 2019-
Photo credit:
McLaren 650S GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-037 / Racing since 2015-
Photo credit:
McLaren MP4-12C GT3
FIA Homologation # GT3-031 / Racing since 2012-
Photo credit:


Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 (2nd Generation)
FIA Homologation # GT3-048 / Racing since 2019-
Photo credit:
Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 (1st Generation)
FIA Homologation # GT3-030 / Racing since 2012-
Photo credit:


Renault Sport RS 0.1.
FFSA Homologation / Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:


Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (991 Generation LM GTE)
Racing since 2017-
Photo credit:
Porsche 911 GT3 R (991 Generation)
FIA Homologation #GT3-041 / Racing since 2016-
Photo credit:


Viper GT3-R
FIA Homologation #GT3-036 / Racing since 2013-
Photo credit:
Viper GTS-R
Racing since 2012-
Photo credit:

This page is a work in progress… updated frequently!

PS. If you notice a mistake, please let me know.

Hot Wheels Best Racing Livery

What’s the most recognizable Racing Livery? What paint job tells you the Team sponsor by seeing the color combo from a mile away? Even without reading any text…. I’d think Red Bull, Coca Cola, Marlboro, Rothmans, Martini, Gulf, Falken, Tic Tac, Yagermeister… maybe a few others would make the list. But since Hot Wheels is a kid brand, most of the cigarette and booze sponsors get excluded from making it into mainline cars. So of the remaining teams we’re left with instantly recognizable paint jobs, and I’m going to start adding them to my collection.

Thanks to all the detailed work HWCOLLECTORSNEWS.COM put into their web site it can be used as a shopping catalog for desirable cars… past and present. I’m happy to say that many of the abovementioned cars are already in my collection. And the rest I’ll be on the lookout for on eBay to be sure I can add them to my wall.

So the following are my favorites:

Gulf Racing Porsche 917 LH
Gulf Racing Corvette C6 ZR1
Gulf Racing Porsche 917 K
Gulf Racing Ford GT40
Momo Racing Porsche 962
Momo Racing Nissan Datsun 510
Falcon Motorsport Porsche 911 RSR
Falcon Motorsport Ford Mustang

There are of course others in each of these series, none large than the amazing Gulf Racing variety.

But it’s important to remember that collecting anything requires patience. Especially with something like Hot Wheels where new surprises come out every year. So I’ll be adding my additions as I accumulate them over the years.

For ideas and to check out a complete library of HW products visit HWCOLLECTORSNEWS.COM

Update…. after sleeping on it I realized there were more iconic liveries that I should have definitely included in my “look out for” list.

Among them:

Yokohama ADVAN Porsche 962
GReddy Porsche 962
Castrol BMW 3.0 CSL

Stay tuned for more….

Volunteering in Motorsport