12 hours of Bathurst debrief

So my first marshalling event at Mount Panorama for the LiquiMoly 12 hours of Bathurst went exceptionally well. There were some hicups, like for example: having arrived with a bit of a cold/flu bug, some jetleg and pure exhaustion from 14-16 hour days on my feet, I was not in top form at all. Besides being sick I had a wardrobe malfunction when my brand new Sketchers melted off their soles on the first day I wore them. I’m sure I should write a letter to someone for that. But in terms of racing it was a fantastic event at a fantastic track.

I was stationed at flag point #11 for the weekend, which is on the Brock Skyline just before the “Dippah” which is a fast and curvy way down the mountain. For a short time I went to help out on flag point #13 directly below us to let the guys go on break, but where we were it was an excellent spot for blue flag and to watch the race overall, as you can very clearly see all the way down the mountain including the main straight and the paddock area. 

We had no major incidents throughout the weekend though the station before and the station after us had a few visitors. I managed to snag some pics of cars going past us on my break, which was a nice thing encouraged by the local sector chief (something they normally advise you against, the usual no camera/picture taking routine).

Would love to be back for another event here! Though this time without the cold/flu!

bathurst mount panorama

bathurst narra photography

Photo courtesy of Narra Photography (official photog of the officials): http://www.narraphotography.com.au/p905204173

mount panorama bathurst

bathurst skippy

(notice the skyppy along the fence trying to escape)

bathurst australian gt