Battery Tie Down

Sometimes you don’t even know when something is missing until you take a look at a similar car that has all the parts in place…

It cost me about $17 bux to replace the battery tie down which was completely missing on my car. Not only did some dipshit at Sears that replaced the battery for the previous owner crack the plastic battery cover, that person neglected to put back the mounting hardware to keep the battery in place. I was completely oblivious this thing was missing since I bought the car three years ago and thirty thousand miles. But after experiencing some rodent issues and sharing the photo online, people suggested it is worthwhile to secure the battery correctly. So I ordered the expensive top brace  (part # NE51-56-031D) from Avondale Mazda in Arizona (to get my total over $75 bux on an eBay purchase so I can use $15 off coupon) and then picked up two J-rods from a local AutoZone store (for $3.50/pair where Mazda wanted $10+ each!)

Here’s the end result:

the J-hooks I bought didn’t work properly because of the plastic box design on the Miata, but the solution was simple… I used  set of pliers to straighten out the J-shape to make it more of an L-shape and then everything worked perfectly. The hooks are 8 inches long and after straightening them out there’s about half an inch area that they stick out beyond the brace which makes it perfect to screw down on. Anything longer than that would stick out too much.

Happy this is now secured correctly!

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