Covercraft UVS100 Mazda MX-5 Custom Sunshade

This was an accessory I determined I must have after getting into the car on a hot summer’s day and the steering wheel was scorching hot. Sure it’s easy to air out the car from stuffy hot air but I’m sure the fact that the car is baking in the sun all day does all sorts of damage to the interior trim. So for $35 shipped (and a $7 refund because of a few imperfections) it was a great accessory.

covercraft sunshade miata mx-5

mx-5 sunshade gold covercraft

sunshade mx-5

uvs100 mazda mx-5 ultra-violet shield covercraft

sun shade mx-5 miata covercraft

covercraft uvs100 custom mazda mx-5 miata sunshade


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