Door Beltline Molding Replacement

Since I bought the car there’s been water collecting in the passenger side door after heavy rain or just from washing the car.

Solution? Replacing the aging door beltline molding.

Not a cheap deal with lowest prices I found in the upper $40’s from Cox Mazda in Florida with another $15+ for shipping. So instead I ordered it on eBay from Avondale Mazda in Arizona. It was listed for $65 with free shipping, but I used a $15 off $75 coupon which brought the price down, but still by no means “reasonable”

Taking the old one off was simple, but because the plastic on each end was brittle one of them broke. After the clips were removed the whole molding came off easy. Getting new one on was easy but it took a while to align it correctly so that the new clip fell in place. It really took a while especially since I was careful not to crack the new plastic. These parts are extremely flimsy and nothing like what videos show from NA Miata or even NB Miata on

Here’s some pix:

Done deal!

part#: NE51-50-640G for the Right Side.

part #: NE51-50-650G for the Left Side.


two months ago I started this project with the passenger side, today July 6th I finished the other / driver’s side and what a pain in the ass these little plastic clips are… Ugh! The install went super fast, but all that crackling and clicking noise makes me thing I probably broke one of the clips on the new molding, there goes another fucking $50 bux… Go figure!

I used the same process of purchasing from the same seller as last time, Avondale Mazda in Arizona sold me the piece on eBay. It was listed at $65+ bux. I used a $15 off $75 coupon and I paid with a $50 ebay gift card that I bought for $45… which is grossly overpriced for a piece of little shit that this molding really is.

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