Exhaust Hangers / Insulators

There’s a lot of options to deal with aging exhaust hangers / insulators. Some even recommend using a stainless steel clamp to tighten around the old one so it doesn’t stretch out too far under normal use, but to me that solution seemed kind of ghetto.

The OEM hangers of which there are two kinds were $20 bux or so on eBay… Quirk/Taska had them for $9-$13 apiece but then they charge hefty shipping. Aftermarket polyutherine pieces on eBay were roughly $8-9 apiece on eBay with a set of five that could be had for about $40… cheaper if you buy more.

But after looking at the ones on eBay and comparing them to what local Advance Auto had to offer for just $3 apiece I decided to order seven of them from the local store. The brand is Exhaust Mate and they are Made in India.

I used four on the muffler and one on the pipe under the car. But then went out and bought two more to double up two of the hangers on the muffler.

I was hoping this would solve my metal on metal clunking noise which was introduced when we replaced my OEM shocks with Bilsteins. But of course it didn’t. Still happy to have new rubber hangers holding the exhaust in place.

I used soapy water in a spray bottle to loosen the rubbers off, many of them were so soft and squishy they came off without much effort at all… the 12mm hole seemed to be loose. The new hangers have 10mm holes and sit much tighter.

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