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see also: 2007 GT PRHT and: Service Records

With every mod or repair I perform on my car I’m usually left with OEM take-off parts that I’m happy to sell off to the highest bidder. Typically the items are listed for sale on eBay or local Craigslist but I’ll share them here as well in case anyone is interested.

OEM BOSE Head Unit:

OEM Mazda Antenna:

OEM Mazda Turn Signal Stalk:

OEM AT Shift Knob:

OEM Shocks and Springs: [54k miles]

OEM Front Wheel Hub: (right-side good, left-side bad) [50k miles]

OEM FoMoCo Iridium Spark Plugs: [53k miles]

OEM Stabilizer Bar End Links (Rear) [68k miles] – fit MX-5 & RX-8


K&N HP-1002 Oil Filters: NEW!

Mobil 1 M1-102 Oil Filters:

Castrol EDGE 5w20 & 0w20 synthetic oil (I got a year worth supply)

I buy filters in bulk and am happy to extend the discount if anyone just needs one for their oil change. It would be cheaper than a store.


Prices are reasonable and negotiable. Just make an offer.

For the right price I’ll sell the whole car and all the bits I’ve accumulated with it like the two sets of wheels (summer/winter) etc.


see also: 2007 GT PRHT and: Service Records

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