JDM “Roadster” Badge for the Trunk Lid

I wanted to personalize my car on the outside and what better way than using the Japan Domestic Market “Roadster” badge that is used instead of “MX-5” like we get in the US and other parts of the world. So I researched the options for the Japanese badge, someone suggested a company called Amayama in Japan selling them for $13+ shipping, which turned out to be another $13 bux. The order was processed via their Amayama Singapore office, which I thought was cool. And less than a month after ordering it was on the car.

roadster 1a

roadster 1

roadster 3

roadster 4

roadster 4a

roadster 4b

roadster 4c

roadster 2a

roadster 7

roadster 6

roadster 5

roadster 2


Original blog post: Mazda MX-5: JDM “Roadster” Badge

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