K&N MX-5 Miata Panel Filter 33-2335

I never really wanted a K&N filter for the Miata.

Everyone on the forums talks about how great the engine intake system is designed on the MX-5’s and that the panel paper filters are sufficient for max performance and fuel mileage, etc.

But I’d read a post here and there and so many people would chime in and admit that they have replaced their paper panel filters with a K&N because it doesn’t do any harm even if there are no performance gains. And best of all you can keep it in for the life of the car as long as it’s cleaned (though on longer intervals than replacing the paper filter, I believe). The only issue people had with K&N was the pricing, which is typically $46.99 list.

But me being the shopper that I am, I got a much better deal on one so I ordered it for my car.

Jet.com listed it for the standard price of $46.99 Jet.com also charges 7% NJ sales tax which many online retailers don’t. But lucky for me there was an AMEX promo giving $20 rebate on $50 Jet.com purchase. So I got the filter for $30 bux. Great!

Of course I did some checking to see what kind of deals there were on this K&N 33-2335 filter on other sites, and Amazon offered a $10 manufacturer rebate for purchasing the filter from them. I reached out to K&N to see if Jet.com was a participating retailer and they confirmed that it was, so my filer is now down to $20 bux! Sweet!

Considering I paid $14 for the paper filter from Amazon a few months ago, having a more permanent solution for a few bux more is a no-brainer. Hopefully this thing works as advertised and isn’t going to clog my MAF or intake with oil (which K&N is notorious for). We’ll see…

mazda mx-5 miata k&n panel filter 33-2335 box 2

mazda mx-5 miata k&n panel filter 33-2335 box 1





PS. one more plug for Jet.com, ordered the item on December 17th at 5pm with FREE shipping via UPS. At 7am on December 19th the USPS mailman that normally doesn’t come around my house until after noon, brought the package to the door. Amazing day and a half service for no additional cost!

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