K&N Recharge Kit #99-5000

I decided to clean and recharge my K&N panel air filter at only 21k miles since installing it December of 2015. The filter wasn’t filthy or anything, but there was debris there including two large dried leafs inside the air box which I really should have cleaned out sooner.

The whole cleaning and recharge job went swiftly. I bought the #99-5000 kit at Advance Auto Parts with a deep discount and decided to give it a go after watching some YouTube DIY how-to’s. It was easy.

Spray cleaner, wait, rinse, dry and spray with new oil.

I noticed when rinsing it that there was still tiny debris stuck to the metal mesh… small pieces of dried leafs. I decided to gently pick them out with a little plastic toothpick like device.

I was afraid of over spraying or giving too much new oil onto the clean filter. So I used a lot of restraint. I also will leave the filter in a box for a little bit of time while I use my 5k mile paper WIX filter, so that the oil can be absorbed better into the fabric. I’ll drop it back into the air box eventually.

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