OEM 17″ Mazda RX-8 Spare Donut

Since Mazda MX-5 does not come with a spare donut in the trunk I had to find a Mazda RX-8 spare at a Long Island junk yard. $55 bux later, my car is ready for Road Trips without worrying about blow outs.

freeport long island wreckers rx-8 donut

freeport long island wreckers rx-8 spare

mazda rx-8 spare

mazda mx-5 with rx-8 spare in trunk

spare tires mazda mx-5 rx-8 donut

I opted for the 17″ RX-8 wheel instead of similar 16″ RX-7 wheel because it’s closer to the size of my original 17″ ten spoke wheels and just slightly taller than the 16″ five spoke winter wheels.

Original blog post: http://myroadtrip.net/mazda-mx-5-upgrade-winter-wheels/

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