Oil Change with Castrol EDGE 5W20 synthetic and K&N HP-1002 Filter

I set a goal a few years ago to try the three “best” motor oil options available on the marker here in the NYC metropolitan area (that is readily available at local stores and affordable – often on sale, not outrageously priced) and today was mission accomplished because I used the third option for the first time in my car, the Castrol EDGE synthetic 5W20 motor oil… (I used Mobil 1 and Pennzoil Platinum previously over the past two years).

First impressions: so far so good! I’m a sucker for Motorsport advertising and Castrol EDGE is probably the most promoted oil in the world… more so than Mobil 1 I think and definitely more than Pennzoil. I admit that Pennzoil Platinum has been my favorite, definitely preferred over Mobil 1. I have high hopes for Castrol EDGE. The Castrol I sources from various promotions at K-mart. Often playing the full listed price of nearly $8/quart but with ridiculously generous discounts through their Shop Your Way rewards program, which often allowed me to pay as little as $0.50 cents per quart and as much as $2.50 at other times. I basically got the 5 quart deal for under $10 bux… and another $10 for the K&N HP-1002 oil filter from Walmart.

Here’s some pix:

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