Rear Lip Spoiler from eBay Made in Taiwan

There’s a little bit of debate about the functionality of a rear lip spoiler and whether it is just an aesthetic styling mod. Whatever it is, I figured for $22 bux I couldn’t go wrong. So I bought one on eBay like hundreds (maybe thousands) of other posters, and I’m quite happy so far.

The spoiler came pre-painted in 32V Copper Red and is a perfect match. It has two strips of 3M double sided tape already in position. It was shipped overnight with DHL air-mail, which was a surprise. Arrived well packaged, and surprisingly well made for the price.

I’m looking forward to seeing if there is indeed any advantage of having one aerodynamically and especially if I get any better gas mileage with it than without.

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UPDATE March 7th from Daytona Beach, Florida: spoiler installed!

The tape was unnecessary because the 3M tape was super grippy, but I figured for good measure I’ll add it for about an hour.

Pretty happy with the results though I’m sure I could have stuck it on a little straighter than I did… It does look good though, OEM finish!

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