Rear Stabilizer Bar End Links F151-28-170

Ever since my buddy Chris helped me install my Bilstein suspension I experience a clanking/clicking sound from the rear suspension. We narrowed it down to the rear end links. Apparently they start getting noisy with age and wear. So when we discovered on Bill, my other buddy’s car a broken end link, he decided to buy in bulk so we can replace mine and his at the same time.

The cheapest bill found them was around $25 apiece from Wayne Mazda who have a discount store online and refuse to allow you to pick up the item instead charging you a hefty shipping fee. But since Bill ordered four of them, the shipping was only a dollar more than what he’d pay for two.

BTW. Mazda doesn’t include the end link nuts with the end links. They charge an additional $3.30 per nut, of which you need four. Bill bought four and we went to a local CarQuest store to pick up four more… the aftermarket Dorman version cost $3.30 for a set of four!

We took his off first, and with his massive FM stage 2 rear stabilizer bar the new end links didn’t sit right. So we decided to do them on my car so we can try my old end links on his car to see if they’d hold  up with the weird angle, and then install new end links at a later time. While everything seems to be working out for Bill, the clanking didn’t stop on my car. However, we’ve now narrowed down the problem to the actual Stabilizer bar and the bushings that hold it in place. Apparently with age and wear the bushings bind causing a weird metalic clanking sound.

Anyway, the problem still exists, but here’s the end link install pix:

So while the clanking hasn’t stopped, the rear of the car feels more planted and smoother. Which is good!

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