Regular Maintenance

Instead of making a new thread for each one of my regular maintenance items I’m going to lump them all into one post.

First, the windshield wipers. I bought some BOSCH Insight wipers on sale from Amazon, a set for $24 shipped to the house. Bought two sets one for the Miata and one from the Ford Explorer. And after just two or three rain days since the install both failed. They did not exactly obliterate themselves to fail catastrophically but failed nonetheless causing the wipers to wobble when used, and leaving major streaks across both windshields on the Ford and the Mazda. So I sent them back and ordered BOSCH ICON wipers for about the same price but having had them for more than two years on the Ford Explorer and the Jeep Grand Cherokee I know the Icons will be better. I can’t believe how bad the Insights were!

mazda mx-5 bosch insight windshield wipers

bosch icon bosch insight windshield wipers

Side by side comparison of the BOSCH Insight and BOSCH ICON wipers from the Ford Explorer. ICON is much better than Insight.

I also went ahead and replaced the stock Denso LFG113240 air filter with a much cheaper WIX model from Amazon, that I bought for about 1/3rd the price of a new Denso. $14 shipped. Perfect fit.

mazda mx-5 denso air filter

mazda miata denso air filter

mazda lfg113240 denso air filter miata mx-5


Only a few months and a few thousand miles on the WIX paper filter, I decided to replace it with a K&N high flow 33-2335 panel filter because of an amazing deal I got on it. Click here for more.

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