Second Oil Change with Castrol EDGE 5W20 and K&N HP-1002 Oil Filter

It seems to me my car really likes Castrol EDGE 5W20. More so than the Pennzoil Platinum and definitely more than Mobil 1 synthetic.

At just one tank of gas shy of 5k miles I did the oil change… it’s also less than two months since the last one. I did two major road trips: 3,500 miles on a trip to Florida followed by 600 miles to Watkins Glen last weekend and about 700 miscellaneous trips around town in New Jersey.

The reason I say my car likes this oil is because I consistently got great gas mileage on my trips. Best was down to Florida where I averaged 38mpg on two consecutive fill ups. That was fantastic. Last weekend I averaged 33mpg on the drive up in cold weather and heavy rain. On the way back I got 34mpg that includes putzing around town in Watkins Glen and doing several laps around the circuit… that impressed me to bits!

I also took the opportunity to put my K&N air filter back in. I had it out of the car for about 4k miles while the paper WIX filter was in the car. I had recharged my K&N and let it sit for a while so that the pink oil absorbs nicely into the fabric.

Two observations between the last two oil changes.

I hand tightened the K&N HP-1002 oil filter and when it came to changing it today, I was able to unscrew it by hand. That was unexpected. I was a bit concerned that it gave way so freely. It wasn’t loose per se, but too loose for my comfort. So I hand tightened the new filter today a bit more.

I also noticed last time that when I put 4.5 QT of oil in the car felt better than it did with 4.7 QT which I topped it off to before leaving for Florida. So this time around I’m going to leave it at 4.5 QT.

Speaking of oil filters I had bought a longer K&N PS-2009 to try. As people suggested it wouldn’t fit correctly. That said I was able to mount it in a way that it caught the thread and it would have been possible to tighten it but the filter was hitting a brace on the bottom and I was afraid to force it up fearing the possibility it would strip the thread on the filter mount side. So I gave up.

I have two K&N HP-1002 filters left and two K&N PS-1002 that I bought for future use. The PS-2009 I will offer for sale.

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