Shift Knob: Black Round Aluminum Ball by RDT Motoring

Today’s mod is another personal touch to the interior, an old-Ferrari style round black ball shift knob from eBay.

This replaced the stock shift knob that was showing some wear. Installation was simple, the old knob screws off. New knob came with four spacers that screw onto the lever and then the ball screws onto that. The NC Miata AT (automatic) size is M8x1.25 which is different than the MT (manual) option which is M10x1.25.

I think it looks absolutely sexy!

And for only $9.79 with free shipping and no tax, quite a deal! Ordered it on Dec 14, arrived on Dec 17, and installed Dec 18.

For comparison Moss Miata sells a VooDoo shift knob that looks identical for $39.99 plus shipping.

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