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FIA Formula 1, Formula E, WEC, IMSA TUSC, CTSCC, Ferrari Challenge, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, IndyCar,   FIM MotoGP, SBK Superbikes, NASCAR, SCCA PRO WC, Trans Am, MX-5 Cup, F1600, F2000



If this marshal’s handbook helps one marshal out there then all the effort put into it was not wasted. That said, the material presented here is a collection of publicly available information and as such may be wholly or in part inaccurate. By using this handbook the user will not hold the authors responsible or liable for anything and everything that may occur as the result. Please use the handbook at your own risk. And if there is obviously wrong information please contact us to correct it. Feel free to share this handbook freely.


The research provided is specifically for the use of F&C marshals including flag marshals, communicators, response marshals, fire marshals and corner captains & post chiefs. The information may not be of much use to other marshal’s specialities including pit & grid marshals, timing and scoring marshals, sound control marshals, etc.

Special Thanks goes out to the individuals that helped put this together: Jay Roberts, Ken Killam, Tim Bosanoz, Adam Miller, Rachel Forman, Tiffany Stiller, Ed Shuler, Jim Lowe, Donald Elston, Paul Einhorn, Dave Eley, Bob Benzin, Jim Swintal

Table of Contents:


29 events


9 series


6 clubs


23 circuits

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