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Location: Town of Plymouth, Sheboygan County  5.4 miles or 10 minute drive South of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, 57.5 miles or 1 hour drive North from Milwaukee, WI and 147 miles 2.5 hours drive North of Chicago, Illinois.
Street address: N7390 Highway 67, Elkhart Lake, WI 53073
How to get there:  RA is a little ways away from an Interstate system so small county and state roads must be taken with traffic lights along a single lane road. Elkhart Lake is 5.4 miles or 10 minutes drive North of the track, Milwaukee, WI is 57.5 miles or 1 hour drive South, Chicago, IL is 147 miles or 2.5 hour drive South. (GRB) Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay, WI is 59.4 miles or 1 hour 15 minutes drive North. (MKE) General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee is 65.6 miles or 1 hour 15 minutes drive South. (ORD) Chicago O’Hare International Airport is 135 miles or 2 hours 15 minute drive South.  (MDW) Chicago Midway International Airport is 161 miles or 2 hours 45 minute drive South.
Directions to the morning meeting:  ????
Camping facilities:  ????
Contact information:  ????
Marshal stations: ????
Turns: 14
Length: 4.048 miles (6.515 km)
Lap records: Champ Car: 1:39.866 Team KOOL Green (2000)
Year opened: 1955
Marshal kit:

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