Grand Prix of Americas MotoGP

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When is it?

April 10 to12 with testing possible on days leading up to the event, however the COTA may rely on their own paid marshals for track rental days.

Where is it?

Circuit of the Americas in Travis County, Central Texas. Just south of Austin, TX and (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

How do I get there?

COTA is a short is a short drive from i35 which goes as far Northeast as the tip of Minnesota and as far Southwest as the Mexican border. (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is the closest airport to the track, but may be more expensive to use to fly in. (SAT) San Antonio International Airport is 75.8 miles or 1 hour drive Southwest and may have more reasonable fares. The best airfare is normally to Houston with (IAH) George Bush Intercontinental Airport 170 miles or 2.5 hours drive Southeast and (HOU) William P. Hobby Airport 167 miles or 2.5 hour drive Southeast of the track. There is no direct interstate connection between Austin and Houston, and driving on county and state highways with traffic lights is necessary to reach i10.

When can I register?

Event registration usually takes place a few months before the race.

Who do I register with?

Circuit of the Americas has a volunteer marshal recruitment web site set up: Fill it out, submit and wait for an e-mail response. Be sure to select Race Marshal Volunteer on your application as other non-marshaling roles are also available. If you already work for COTA and want to work this event instead of whatever track rental they make schedule you for, be sure to request the event.

What should I bring to the event if selected and what’s provided?

Blue Circuit of the Americas overalls are issued to the marshals during registration, along with a tabard and an event hat. Bring comfortable clothing to wear under your overalls keeping in mind Austin may get very warm during the day and cold in the evenings. Always bring rain gear. Bring comfortable shoes for the long time on your feet. Most stations are elevated metal boxes but some marshals are positioned on asphalt or gravel areas.

Where is event registration?

A building at 9111 FM812 is used, the driveway is next to Route 66 gas station and convenience store.

Where is the morning meeting?

There is a Marshal Tent in Lot K off of the main Circuit of the Americas Blvd. It can be accessed from Farm to Market 812 or from Elroy Road. Keep in mind that there are times when the Elroy Rd gate is closed, especially at night.

Where can I stay?

COTA allows marshals to camp near the Marshal Tent in Lot K. However, it may be more comfortable to find a place to stay in the greater Austin area. Cheap hotels are available closer to city center, but there are options for all budgets.

What perks are offered for volunteering this event?

For larger pro events COTA gives out a guest pass and some “swag” in the form of cooler bags that can be used to keep your drinks cold on station, t-shirts, hats and patches.

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