WSBK at Laguna Seca

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When is it?

July 17 to 19 with testing possible on days leading up to the event, however the Laguna Seca may rely on their own paid marshals for track rental days.

Where is it?

Laguna Seca is in Monterey County, Central California 12 miles or 20 minutes from Salinas, CA and 10 miles or 18 minutes from Monterey, CA. Laguna Seca is about 100 miles South or two hours drive from the San Francisco metropolitan area. It is located within Monterey County Parks.

How do I get there?

The nearest highways to Laguna Seca are US101 and the Pacific Coast Highway CA1 but a small one lane road with traffic lights is the only way to get in. (MRY) Monterey Regional Airport is only 7.2 miles  West but the more realistic airport options are in the San Francisco Bay area including (SJC) Mineta San Jose International Airport 73.8 miles, (SFO) San Francisco International Airport 106 miles and (OAK) Oakland International Airport 105 miles. All directly North and between 1.5 and 2 hour drive away via US101.

When can I register?

The registration process begins a few months before the event.

Who do I register with?

The United States Auto Race Marshals (USARM) organization is responsible for providing marshals for this event. Visit their web site: for details and event specific training materials. You must be a member of USARM to work this event and a small membership fee is required at registration.

What should I bring to the event if selected and what’s provided?

You must bring your own White gear to volunteer. Two piece shirt/pant or one piece overalls are acceptable. Some marshals, especially international do wear their Orange overalls, but White is the appropriate color for American marshals. Bring extra clothing as it gets cold especially morning or evening hours or when the fog rolls in. Laguna Seca is dry and sandy with some stations positioned on concrete or wood bases, and others are on the ground. So bring comfortable shoes for the long days of work involved. Bring sun screen and some wind protection because it may get warm and windy.

Where is event registration?

Credentials collection and registration are held near Turn 11 off of Barloy Canyon Road. On the days before the event start the main gate isn’t manned, if it is show ID and proceed to registration. Be sure to collect your event pass and parking pass which must be visible in your car whenever parked.

Where is the morning meeting?

Morning meetings are held near Turn 11 off of Barloy Canyon Road same as registration. Event parking is up the hill from Turn 11 on Barloy Canyon Road. It is possible to access the track via S. Boundary Road if the Gate is open, otherwise the Main Gate should be used on Monterey Salinas Hway (Route 68) which travels East West between Monterey and Salinas.

Where can I stay?

Camping is available for many pro events off of B Road, if the ramp is closed from Main Gate, follow A Road to the S. Perimeter Road, make a left and another left onto B Road. The campsite is at the bottom of the hill. Shuttle service is provided to the morning meeting.

What perks are offered for volunteering this event?

Event patches, t-shirts and hats may be distributed. USARM may distribute “swag” donated by competitors and teams.

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