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ACIND is responsible for staffing Pro level events at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Canada.

Automobile Club de l’île Notre-Dame (ACIND) is an organization that specifically staffs marshals for the Canadian Grand Prix. As part of that registration you may also work a NASCAR event on the same track. There is a larger marshal club in Quebec, but ACIND takes precedence for the Canadian Grand Prix and the NASCAR event.

What must you do to join this club?

You must join ACIND to work the Canadian Grand Prix, it is part of the registration process. To join, you fill out the forms on their web site:

What must you do to qualify to work a Pro event?

Experience is necessary especially for an event of such magnitude as Formula 1, but with the low participation numbers it is possible to work the event with limited experience. F1 roles are highly specialized so as long as you have experience for your role you’re good to go. ACIND has a very close working relationship with the SCCA in US to the point that several SCCA marshals are made post chiefs and are responsible for a series of turns staffed by a variety of marshals including those with SCCA licenses but also mixed in are a number of visiting international marshals from overseas.

What does it cost to join this club?

There is a $30 Canadian Dollars fee to join the club.

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