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MMS is responsible for staffing pro events including IMSA, NASCAR and IndyCar at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park and Toronto Exhibition Place in 2015.

Motorsport Marshalling Services (MMS) is a marshaling club in Ontario responsible mostly for providing marshals at all the events taking place at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Some of the members are also employees of the CTMP but for the race weekend they volunteer.

What must you do to join this club?

To join the MMS you need to fill out the appropriate forms on their web site: pay your fee and you’re good to go.

What must you do to qualify to work a Pro event?

For existing marshals coming to Canada from the US to volunteer a Pro event, your American license will be honored. That includes then SCCA license or RSI license, possibly others. Otherwise you could join MMS directly. If you are a Canadian wishing to join MMS as your local club, you will have to go through rigorous training before you will be permitted to work a Pro event. MMS places a great deal of emphasis on training because they are very closely linked to the FIA, unlike their American counterparts. So they take the rules and train for them seriously. For example, Blue flagging with the MMS is a specialty and you will not be allowed to work a Pro event as a Blue flagger until you satisfy the training for that specialty. Visiting marshals that enjoy Blue flagging should request this position before the event, or they will not be touching the Blue flag once they show up and work a race.

What does it cost to join this club?

The annual membership fee is about $30 Canadian Dollars.

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