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RSI is responsible for organizing marshals at Watkins Glen International to work IMSA and NASCAR events in 2015.

Race Services Incorporated (RSI) is the organization responsible for providing marshals that volunteer club and pro events at WGI. Watkins Glen International also has hired staff that marshal events like track rentals and test days. Some WGI members are also volunteers with RSI, as well as some marshals are members of both RSI and SCCA.

What must you do to join this club?

You request to become an RSI member through their web site or by showing up to Watkins Glen International during an event where RSI is marshaling. The RSI web site is:

What must you do to qualify to work a Pro event?

Participation in the club for lower level events may be required or at least encouraged before participating in a major event like IMSA or NASCAR. RSI does provide training, both through a printed marshal’s handbook as well as on the job training much like SCCA. RSI also has a NASCAR safety school at the beginning of the year where NASCAR representatives train RSI marshals on the latest safety requirements of the series. NASCAR issues RSI members with scanable ID cards which are scanned each day at the morning meeting for a NASCAR event to track the marshal’s participation with the series.

What does it cost to join this club?

The cost is $15 payable by cash on site or by check via mail.


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