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USARM is responsible for organizing marshals for the SBK Superbikes event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

United States Auto Race Marshals (USARM) is one of the oldest marshaling groups in the US, started in the 1960’s.

What must you do to join this club?

To work the WSBK race at Laguna Seca you must be a current USARM member, and to join you must download the forms on: submit them and wait for the acceptance e-mail. The web site provides a section of Training material on their web site to facilitate learning. And specific handling of the event as expected by USARM organization. The training is openly available to interested parties on this part of the site:

What must you do to qualify to work a Pro event?

As a volunteer organization that is responsible for providing marshals for the various motorcycle events at Laguna Seca, USARM draws it’s marshals from any interested parties around the country, including existing SCCA marshals.

What does it cost to join this club?

There is a nominal fee involved in registering for a particular event. In 2014 that fee was

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