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What are the marshal roles?

Marshal roles are limited to Flagging with NASCAR. Seldom to safety marshals respond on a track as NASCAR paid crews deal with all the incidents using safety trucks. However, it is possible to do a debris run with Race Control permission in certain circumstances.

What are the NASCAR flag rules?

When flagging a NASCAR event on a road course you are issued two flags. A Blue flag and a Yellow flag.

blue - wavingWaved Blue flag is displayed for a local incident, much like a Yellow flag would be waved for other series. Blue flag covers an incident from your station to the next consecutive station.


yellow - waving - singleWaved Yellow flag is displayed for full course caution. Race Control will instruct the stations when to display waved Yellow flags.

Lights are also used in conjunction with the flags. The lights at Watkins Glen International consist of two traffic light style lights alternating Yellow. You flip the switch on when the Blue flag is waved, you also flip it on when Yellow flag is waved for full course caution.

What are the Full Course Yellow & Restart procedures?

Race Control instructs all stations to wave a Yellow flag and flip the light switch for Yellow lights. For restarts, all stations are told to stop waving and to turn the lights off.

What are the response procedures?

NASCAR relies on a traveling safety team using safety trucks that are strategically stationed around the track. For any response they get activated and Flag marshals must wave flags and display Yellow lights to cover them.

In rare circumstances when the safety team is stretched to the max with a major incident. Race Control may permit a Flag marshal to perform a debris run. Take the quickest way out to retrieve the debris and clear the track as fast as possible keeping in mind it might be easier to kick off the debris than trying to pick it up.

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