QuarantineD? Watch #TinyRaceCars on YouTube

The world is in lockdown right now.

I was meant to fly out to volunteer Sebring today (Monday, March 16) but instead I’m home making YouTube videos of my Hot Wheels collection. I suspect a lot of you reading this are not traveling either, even to go to work or the shops.

We will wait this out.

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PS. Stay healthy.

Caffeine & Carburetors New Canaan, CT Photos

Been a while since I’ve gone to a local Cars & Coffee event, and while there was one happening much closer to home I decided to drive an hour to check out the one in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Compared to last year’s event it seemed smaller both in attendance of people as well as cars on display. But those that were there were excellent quality automobikes. Lots of Italian and German classics and modern wheels. Have a look at some of my favorites:

Some cool things that stood out to me. Watkins Glen International had a pop up recruiting marshals. And someone actually came up to me inviting me to volunteer there… Cool!

Last years 3 or 4 Pagani’s were not there but the TWR Jaguar street car looked fantastic. I really liked the yellow Unimog too. And the three baby seats in the middle of a Citroen station wagon looked pretty cool. Lots of Dino’s… lots of Alfa Giulia’s. Plenty of Porsches and BMWs.

After the event my buddy Bill and I decided to do a scenic drive to Bear Mountain crossing the Hudson from East to West which was surprisingly underwhelming. The Westchester side of New York is far less exciting to drive than Rockland and Orange side especially zig zagging along Seven Lakes Drive.

All in all it was an enjoyable day Cruisin’…

Hot Wheels Mystery Models

I try not to stray from my core Hot Wheels and Matchbox collecting hobby, and that is to focus on collecting realistic race cars… keeping them sealed in their original packaging, because often the card art is much better than the deco on each car. But I stumbled upon a mystery models set at Walmart today that fits all the criteria of my collection minus the card art because the cars are sealed in plastic baggies that also contain a sticker of the car, much like the blue card for the individual cars.

There is a lot to like in this set of Mystery cars, even when the car I wanted most was most elusive… I still have not found it (the Mystery: Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo)

But I stocked up on the rest and thanks to the good folks at HWCollectorsNews.com I can even share what each car looks like without taking mine out of the package. I even brought home one of the boxes from Walmart specifically to keep all my mystery stuff separate from the rest I put up on a wall…

Race Cars:

The cars I was most interested in that I got:

  • Dodge Viper SRT-10
  • Acura NSX
  • Ford GT LM
  • BMW M3 GT2
  • Cadillac LMP
  • Ford Fiesta Rallycross

I’ll be on the lookout to find that Huracan GT3 that fits my collection best!

Hot Wheels Motorsports

I started my Hot Wheels collection to basically keep the nostalgia of having once participated as a Motorsport marshal going… until I could return again to my racing hobby. Soon I will return, but the little die cast cars have been so much fun I cannot believe I didn’t start this sooner… Meanwhile I always wanted to link the photos of the cars in my collection to the real race cars I came across during my travels.

And here it goes:

Looks familiar? BMW M3 GT2 in ALMS: http://myroadtrip.net/northeast-grand-prix-alms-at-lime-rock-park/

Ducati 1199 Panigale at MotoGP Indianapolis Grand Prix: http://myroadtrip.net/red-bull-indianapolis-grand-prix-motogp/

My first exposure to Porsche 962 Historics, back when I thought they were CanAm racers lol: http://myroadtrip.net/shannons-historics-at-phillip-island-debrief/

My first intro to Mazda 787B at Le Mans France, and yes it did a flying lap so I heard it scream too: http://myroadtrip.net/bonjour-le-mans-postcard-from-the-24h-of-le-mans/

Not quite the same car, but close enough BMW Z4 /M at ALMS Northeast GP Lime Rock: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-alms-weekend-at-lime-rock/

Again not the same vintage Porsche but definitely the correct Falken livery: http://myroadtrip.net/new-media-from-northeast-gp-2012/

Aston Martin Vantage GT3 in Malaysia: http://myroadtrip.net/postcard-from-malaysia-asian-le-mans/

One of my favorite series Porsche 911 GT3 Cup: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-sebring-12-hour/

Getting aquainted with the Audi R8 LMS at the Nurburgring 24h: http://myroadtrip.net/media-from-24h-nurburgring/

Meeting the Porsche 911 GT1 at Le Mans France: http://myroadtrip.net/media-from-24h-of-le-mans/

Lambo Huracan Super Tofeo / GT3 at Spa 24 drivers parade: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-spa-24h-at-spa-francorchamps/

SRT-10 Viper GTD at Lone Star Le Mans: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-the-lone-star-le-mans-wecimsa-6-hours-of-the-circuit-of-the-americas/

American muscle at Sebring 12h: http://myroadtrip.net/sebring-12h-2016-debrief/

Renault RS 01 and Mercedes-AMG GT3 at Spa 24h: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-spa-24h-at-spa-francorchapms/

Ford GT at WEC N-ring: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-wec-on-the-grand-prix-circuit-of-the-nurburgring/

BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz 190EVO Historics at the Nurburgring: http://myroadtrip.net/nurburgring-6-hour-fia-wec-world-endurance-championship-on-the-grand-prix-circuit/

Not my favirite IndyCar series, but pretty major events as far as Amerucan racing goes: http://myroadtrip.net/ferrari-club-of-america-guesting-indycar-at-watkins-glen-international/

Acura NSX GT3 and Mercedes-AMG GT3 at tge Roar Before the 24 at Daytona: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-the-roar-before-the-24-at-daytona-international-speedway/

Ford Fiesta at RedBull Global Rallycross Atlantic City: http://myroadtrip.net/post-race-photo-gallery-from-the-red-bull-grc-in-atlantic-city/

The Daytona 24hr Classic featuring HSR – Historic Racing Series was a mindblowing experience where everything raced from Fiat 500 to Ford GT, to Porsche 962 in various configurations, to Porsche 935/78 to BMW M1 Procar, etc: http://myroadtrip.net/hsr-classic-24-hour-at-daytona-in-pictures/

The Roborace driverless concept racer is an interesting idea I got to check out in Brooklyn and Montréal for their ePrix: http://myroadtrip.net/post-card-from-the-fia-montreal-e-prix/

…stay tuned for more!

Mazda MX-5 Miata Front Wheel Bearings Replacement

This week I took on a project that totally kicked my ass, mentally and physically. My friend Bill started experiencing a grinding sound and wheel vibration on the right side of the car after having new wheels installed. Since he gave me his old used tires I went on a test drive with him after COSTCO did his tire install and quickly diagnosed it as a broken wheel bearing. Fast forward to Saturday Bill and I attempted to do the replacement of his 111k mile MX5 hubs to new Timken RX8 hubs from Rock Auto.

I did the same job on my car a few years ago. It was tough but I got it done in an afternoon. http://myroadtrip.net/2007-mazda-mx-5-miata-grand-touring-prht/rx-8-front-wheel-bearing-hubs-timken-ha590360-oem-f189-33-04x/

Bills hubs however took much longer and a ton more effort because of rust and the hubs were seized to the base they bolt in to. So over the course of the next four days I kept on spraying the hubs with PB Blaster repeatedly, used up a big bottle of that, not to mention a couple of more CRC degreaser I borrowed from my dad, and pounded the shit out of them using a rented slide hammer from Auto Zone.

On Monday the left side gave way. But the right side, the actual broken bearing would not budge for two more days. Bill researched a few suggestions on the forums. I tried them all and they all failed:

  1. Using a stubby screwdriver to pound from the inside the wheelwell around the plastic ABS cover. Nope!
  2. Pounding the plastic ABS cover, breaking it and hitting the bearing directly. Nope!
  3. Going to Home Depot to buy longer bolts and banging them from the inside to push the hub out. Nope! The bolts sheared immediately and went right thru the hole like thru butter… Argh!

What finally worked was banging from the inside behid the wheel studs to push the thing ever so slightly. I used a chizel on one side because the metal brake duct was very much in the way. Plus more banging with the slide hammer of course. Eventually that worked millimeter by millimeter. A few times I hammered the hub back in place from the front just to move it back and forth, and after a total of maybe 12 or 14 hours of banging over 4 days it worked. Reassembly was very quick maybe half an hour. But after all that banging every bone in my body, every muscle, every cell hurt!

What a project!