Buy a #MarshalCam Patch. American or Australian Versions. Or Both!

A few things to accomplish in this post: 1st: I wish to express my gratitude to my buddy Joey in Singapore for designing the Marshal Cam patches which I have recently re-ordered to distribute to marshals that participate in my interviews about their volunteering experiences. 2nd: I will have both versions of the patch with […]

New #MarshalCam Patches arrived from Hong Kong

Great news! My latest $400 order of Marshal Cam patches has arrived from Hong Kong. Yay… First, I can’t believe I’ve spent that much money on freaking patches. But I’m happy to have a new stash to give out to marshals that share their story on the Marshal Cam web site: What is Marshal […]

#MarshalCam Interviews at COTA Formula 1 USGP

Following an excellent weekend for the #MarshalCam project at Road Atlanta over Petit Le Mans, the lucky streak continued at the Circuit of the Americas during the United States F1 Grand Prix. I got very positive response to the idea and managed to shoot several videos. First up, Dave from Washington Though I didn’t know […]

#MarshalCam from Road Atlanta, Petit Le Mans Edition

Petit Le Mans seems like a distant memory right now, and yet it’s still fresh on my mind because: #MarshalCam! I am still uploading the videos shot at Road Atlanta during that amazing weekend, and I wanted to share them with you, the reader for some excellent examples of what this little project is all […]

#MarshalCam Video Spotlight

As the idea of #MarshalCam has grown nicely and my supply of patches has dwindled, I wanted to spotlight a few recent videos that I think were done exceptionally well and should serve as an example for others submitting their videos. Mike and Dani from Belgium send their submission while highlighting their “Belgian Marshal Team […] Launched

We did it! has been registered and launched! I’m pretty excited with the fact that so many marshals are participating in the project. Especially, it is humbling to see the global reach and acceptance of the simple concept behind the idea of promoting volunteering in motorsport to the general public (and by general public I […]

Marshal Cam promotes volunteering in motorsport by interviewing marshals around the world about their hobby. Each participant receives a Marshal Cam sew-on-patch for their gearFREE of charge. We are active on social media. Like our Facebook Page: and follow us on Twitter: Send us a tweet @MarshalCam Please use our trendy hashtag: #MarshalCam […]

Merci Denis Castilloux et Équipe Course Sécurité / Puits E-Prix Montréal 2017 GP3R Organisation!

Merci, merci, merci beaucoup Denis! This is a time I really wish I spoke enough French to express my gratitude to my friend Denis Castilloux for an excellent time at this weekend’s Formula E Motreal ePrix! Not only did Denis go out of his way to make me feel welcome, the entire team from GP3R […]

Get Closer to the Action! Become a Motorsport Marshal Volunteer!

Russ found a new hobby in 2011: Motorsport volunteering. Since then he has worked in 15 different countries and for all sorts of racing from Formula 1 to MotoGP. Russ likes to encourage others to volunteer also. Get in touch with Russ to find out how.     some shortcuts: How to Become a Marshal? […]

New Documentary about Marshaling in North America by Herbert Paul Productions

This morning’s Grand Prix of Lime Rock started with a group photo shoot for the marshals to be featured in a new documentary about marshaling in North America. The fella behind the photo shoot is Herbert Paul of Herbert Paul Productions who seems to be enthusiastic about doing this project to highlight the work of […]