Accepted to Marshal MotoGP at COTA, but Cannot Participate

The good news: I got accepted to marshal MotoGP at COTA this April 9-12; the bad news: I sadly had to withdraw my application.

red bull grand prix of the americas

I am so angry at myself for this situation I have no words to express it, because despite my better judgement I went ahead and doubted my candidacy. This, based on the cancerous words of my former flag chief and the division administrator that took it upon themselves to “demote” my license grade from divisional to regional in retaliation for my dumping of the NNJR SCCA region and questioning their competency. It makes me real mad because I was looking forward to working my first MotoGP at the Circuit of the Americas, an event I thought I would thoroughly enjoy after participating in a few MotoGP events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Because of my father’s serious illness I had little hopes to volunteer this year. But despite the grim prognosis from the doctors there was slight improvement and having waited to within just a few weeks of the event I thought it would be a good gesture to put my hand up and volunteer for an event that COTA said they still needed help for. I falsely assumed there would be a more immediate response and quickly researched some reasonable flight deals (although twice as expensive as what I paid last year to fly to Texas) as well as reached out to friends about arranging rides and accommodation. But the acceptance e-mail didn’t arrive until it was too late.

cota accepted to marshal motogp 2015

While waiting for the response I also received an e-mail from the RSI club at Watkins Glen reminding me of the NASCAR Track Services training taking place over the same weekend as MotoGP. And without delay I signed up to participate in that opportunity. I took the lack of response from COTA as a sign of uncertainty. I believed the worst case scenario: rejection. On the same day I confirmed my interest/attendance with RSI I received an e-mail from Jeanie at COTA dismissing the false notion of my being banned from their facility and that I should go ahead and book my flight. And so I was faced with a dilemma of what to do. Follow through with MotoGP, pay more for transportation to get there, and lose face with RSI. Or lose face with COTA and get some much needed training at WGI. I decided to go ahead and take the training.

So I’m absolutely thrilled that I got accepted to marshal MotoGP and am completely gutted that I can’t actually go. I’m especially sad that people would be so malicious to fellow volunteers threatening them with bullshit like blocking their license or preventing (at least threatening to prevent) them from participating in events just because they don’t agree with an assessment of their competence. Shame on them!


I do intend to participate as a marshal at COTA for the WEC/IMSA race and will apply and book my flights early to make sure I’m there.