Accepted to the Indianapolis Grand Prix for MotoGP

I’m proud to report that for the second year in a row I’ve been accepted to marshal the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway featuring MotoGP.

My ratio of bikes to car racing is still way skewed towards four-wheels, but I love motorcycle racing and MotoGP is about as good as it gets! In addition, unlike F1 the ultimate series of automotive racing, with MotoGP you respond immediately to a crashed bike without waiting for permission from race control. Adrenaline rush to the max!

Truly looking forward to a great experience at the Brickyard ­čśë

United States Auto Club – USAC has also send me a training video for the MotoGP, like they did last year. I think its a fantastic idea as it covers in detail the types of flags used, how they are used correctly and in what situations, how to approach incidents, riders, doctors, etc. Very handy tool to refresh my memory when working motorcycle races!