Accepted to V8 Supercars at Circuit of the Americas

Great news, after a quick enquiry on Facebook which flag chief to contact to participate in the V8 Supercars debut at the Circuit of the Americas, I got my application submitted and accepted within hours. Fantastic news as a matter of fact, though the next logical step is flights, car rentals and accommodation. Which is of course the expensive part.

Ever since I returned from my two month road trip to Asia Pacific a few days ago I’ve been searching and booking flights for this year’s racing season. Today alone I booked a one way Newark to Paris for the 24 hours of Le Mans which I’m praying I get accepted for, and of course the V8 Supercar trip to Austin, Texas. Of course, as part of that trip I also booked a slightly complex itinerary to include Monterey, California… the ALMS race at Laguna Seca. I’ve been dying to visit that track forever it seems, and now I finally have the opportunity to do so. The other day I also booked a cheap JetBlue flight from Newark to San Francisco for Grand-Am at Laguna Seca but that trip isn’t until September, very lucky to have only paid $120 round trip which will also hopefully yield me some 5k American Airlines frequent flyer miles which I can then in turn use to book my trip home from Singapore. I have already booked a one way heading to Singapore using Virgin America miles as soon as they announced their partnership with Singapore Airlines…. sounds complex, and it is… but for me its simple. 2013 will be an excellent year to do some amazing racing. The way the economy is going and the fact I’m still unemployed, it will probably be the last year I could do this kind of travel. Might as well enjoy it!

I should also point out that it’s rather ironic that this year I’ll be doing three events in California and so far there’s nothing notable happening at New Jersey Motorsport Park.

Go figure!

To see if you’re flying with me, go here: or here: