All-Electric Taxi’s of Quebec at the Formula E Montreal e-Prix

Bonjour Taxi Electrique!

One of the coolest things that jumped out at me during Formula-E Montreal ePrix was the visibility of the all-electric fleet of Tesla’s on the city streets… even at the airport as soon as I cleared customs I was greeted with an ad for a TESLA MODEL X taxi, and my mission for the next few days of the visit was to find one in the flesh… I did!

It took some effort, but I  spotted the BONJOUR labelled all-electric Kia Soul’s in service first… There were quite a few of them downtown and on the streets of Old Montreal.

Then there was a TESLA MODEL S in Old Montreal:

A few TOYOTA Hybrids from a competing company:

and finally… there was a TESLA MODEL X taxi on display in the eVillage of the event:

What’s so interesting and/or exciting about Tesla’s being used as Taxi’s? After all many countries have these cars being used in similar manner, I’m sure I shared a comment how the majority of taxi’s at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport wear the Tesla Model S badges…

What jumped out at me in Montreal, is how relevant the racing technology is to the future of our public transportation systems. And having a company put their Tesla Model X on display for the race fans to check out up close in personal would at the very least encourage people to rely on this form of public transport, and specifically encourage other companies to participate in an all-electric, emission-free future!

I think this display was absolutely brilliant!

And the same company had two Kia Soul’s race each other for a lap around the Formula E track during the downtime. That was both funny and cool to watch.

And then as I was leaving the event venue for the very last time, we walked past a Police station that had a Mitsubishi EV in their fleet:

The future is certainly electric… and this comes from a very enthusiastic Miata owner that relies on traditional forms of fuel.