AMA Superbikes at New Jersey Motorsports Park

I was lucky enough to be invited to marshal the AMA Pro Superbike event at NJMP’s Thunderbolt track this weekend, and many crashes later I’m still amazed how different motorcycle racing is treated to automobile racing in comparison. I say that because I got to do both flagging and response, and after witnessing a horrible crash where a rider was airlifted to the hospital, I wonder what more could be done for safety in moto racing?

I started out my weekend on station 9 which is one of the last turns before the famous Devil turn. Turns out my 19 year old post chief didn’t do things as they were intended to be done for such a pro event with camera coverage on SPEED channel. Regardless it was what it was until the next day I found out I wasn’t supposed to blue flag bikes for practice as its only done for cars… Ooops!

More of the same on Saturday until on Sunday I got shifted to turn 2A which was looking downhill at the equally famous turn 1 where many of the incidents happened. For one of the early Supersport bike races I saw a bizarre incident involving a highsighted biker that landed on his head at what seemed like slow motion. I responded and when I reached him it was obvious the guy was seriously hurt so I signalled for an Ambulance to both station 1 and my station 2 captain behind us. Scary sight indeed. I truly hope that the rider made it.

Check out pix on facebook, next up Singapore F1 GP

ama njmp

ama njmp