Mazda MX-5: Another 500+ mile Road Trip to WGI

This is post 3 in a series of about 5 posts from the 2015 IMSA 6hr endurance race at Watkins Glen International Upstate New York.

welcome to new york mazda mx-5 miata

What a difference another set of tires makes! Last time I did this trip to go to Watkins Glen for the NASCAR track services training I scuffed the hell out of my 17’s with the low profile tires. Since then I’ve been shopping around to get a set of 16’s with a bigger sidewall for a smoother ride as well as a 17″ RX-8 spare donut in case a tire blows out in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania or New York. watkins glen mazda miata mx-5 rsiMy shopping results were fruitful because I enjoyed a much more comfortable ride on the OEM 16’s I bought and luckily there wasn’t any blowouts. Very happy! Read about my last road trip to WGI here.

The trip up was just as uneventful as the way back, the difference being weather. It was nice and sunny on Wednesday when I left home. No particular rush to get to the track except I had to be at the registrar office by 4pm. To my surprise I had arrived there way earlier than expected even though there were several traffic spots on the interstate. I took the scenic route through Pennsylvania going along i80 to i380 to i81 in Scranton and then i86/rt 17 in Binghampton all the way to Horseheads/Elmira where I got off the highway and took the local way up to the track.

At the registration building I bumped into a familiar site, a TPC Porsche Cayman Spyder with Bikini Top I’ve definitely seen before. And a predictable photo shoot followed:

mazda mx-5 miata porsche cayman 1

porsche cayman spyder with bikini top tpc

porsche cayman spyder with bikini top

porsche cayman spyder with bikini tops

What happened at Watkins Glen I’ll cover in another series of posts.

miata at the glen for imsa 6 hour

On the way home, the drive was pretty relaxing (after the 6hr enduro). I got to use my newly installed intermittent windshield wiper switch quite extensively because the weather kept on changing along the way, and I hit plenty of rain of various severity. Got to see some nice cars leaving the track, like this Porsche 911 GT3 with Georgia manufacturer plates:

mazda mx-5 miata porsche 911 gt3

And of course there was an obligatory stop at Sheetz just outside of Scranton, PA… it’s like a tradition for me now to stop there whenever I’m in Pennsylvania. Picked up a 3 pack of burger sliders, and some chicken nuggets for dinner, and continued on my way stuffing my face while driving.

mazda mx-5 miata at sheetz gas station in pennsylvania

It was a really awesome road trip, and I’m looking forward to the next one in August for NASCAR at Watkins Glen.


Fuel mileage:

18.79 gallons used, 607 total miles done = 32 MPG mostly highway but plenty of slow driving from campground to the track in 1st and 2nd gear (making it mixed city/highway driving). Total spent on fuel $56.27 making an average price per gallon just under $3… with the cheapest gas in NJ at $2.859 and the priciest gas in NY $3.179 for 93 octane premium fuel.