Another day at COTA, another lesson: GoPro

Being a latecommer to this hobby has its drawbacks, by the time I come up with an idea someone is already doing it. Take for example my friend Chris – the ‘Superbunny’ and his hat mounted GoPro camera. While I have been debating whether or not I could reasonably do it, he showed me today that it can be done and the results are awesome. Chris showed me some raw footage from Sebring, Long Beach and Petit Le Mans.

superbunny 1

superbunny 2

The look of even an older GoPro video is amazing, watching the footage has a feel of a video game which could be a perfect tool to shoot training videos with like we used in classroom modules in Singapore. Still photos are also possible and look far better than what I take with my phone while keeping your hands free.

The V8’s races today were uneventful but fun, blue flag got a fantastic workout for World Challenge. Snuck in on station wearing orange making it easier for my Aussie friends to spot me on TV. Looking forward to more!