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Travel plans for the Detroit Belle Isle GP

I love when pieces fall into place. On my few recent road trips I noticed that trusty Impala has been running a bit warm, so naturally the 1,300 mile round trip to Detroit was a bit of a worry. Well not any more.

Thanks to a nice 35% off select last minute flights from Southwest Airlines and a generous $30 discount on weekend rentals from Hertz, I’ve made alternate plans that should take the worry out of this 12 hour each way journey. Plus as an airline enthusiast I get to put two more dots on a map with visits to Chicago’s Midway and Baltimore airports enroute.

A good source for travel deals that I often rely on is

Rolex Grand Am at New Jersey Motorsports Park

I think I just attended the pinnacle of motorsport venues at my local track, the Rolex Grand Am series at New Jersey Motorsports Park. What a fantastic event, I can’t even begin to describe what a blast I had.

As luck would have it, one of my many e-mails to various SCCA members put me in contact with some Millville locals who just happen to be very much involved with operations at NJMP. Not only did they invite me to spend the weekend at their house but they very much took me under their wing for the event itself. I even had the luck to make station captain – an honor though not something I wanted to do yet when there were so many corner marshals with careers spanning a longer period of time than I’ve been alive.

grand am njmp 2

grand am njmp 3

njmp grand am

grand am njmp 4

Nevertheless the racing itself was top notch. Many incidents, many cars and a lot of fun watching the action from the best seat in the house: on track.

BFGoodrich SCCA Super Tour

SCCA’s DLB Racing web site: listed this event as the first possible option to register once I arrived back in New Jersey. And I did. I’ve been to Summit Point Motorsport Park in West Virginia before as a spectator for the Cannonball One Lap of America tour, but this time was my first attempt working there, and I had a blast.

summit point 2

summit point 3

The event was well organized and I learned a lot from my team mates at Sector 5. There was much to learn as SCCA rules seem to differ from International rules in SG or NZ. For one we did not have a green flag on point, instead there was a black one. None of the flags were waived, except in case the track was blocked. And all marshals rotated through various positions on point from blue flag to communications, even fire/rescue positions on the other side of the track stationed with a fire extinguisher. It was then I got a bit nervous I hadn’t memorized the hand signals yet.

Regardless it was an amazing experience and I certainly will be back. It was also a great trip to CouchSurf. I spent the night across the border in Virginia only 8 miles away from the track with a wonderful couple that treated me to dinner and a great conversation. As usual it was a good opportunity to source some cheaper goods, like cigarettes for my dad which were more than half the price per carton compared to New Jersey. And fuel was cheaper in Virginia compared to West Virginia.

Next event is in Milville, New Jersey at the New Jersey Motorsport Park.