Be my guest?

Just a heads up… I’ve invited a few facebook friends to contribute their thoughts, racing calendars, photos and other marshalling experiences on this blog. This was just a spur of the moment idea that popped into my head and I reached out to whomever was online.

If you wish to be a contributor as well and I haven’t contacted you, please e-mail me and I’ll be sure to give you access to post on this site.

For the readers, there may be some posts in the future in Korean, Bahasa Malaysian, Portugese, French, etc. So far I’ve invited marshals I know from Brazil, Canada, USA, Malaysia, South Korea, the Netherlands and New Zealand to share their thoughts.
I’m sure this list will grow in due time. So enjoy!

PS. you will also see links to other marshal web sites with the new posts, be sure to visit them as well as they are a wealth of information about marshalling and motor sports worldwide.

FAQ for existing Guests on how to make or edit your post, share photos etc.