The Best and Worst Amateur Videos from Australian GP

Hey, remember that post from earlier this morning? The one about NO FUCKING PHOTOS? Well, there were two surprises that I got to see during the course of my 13 hour work day on a quiet Sunday in the office.

First, my new Aussie buddy Thomas has posted a whole bunch of Marshal Cam videos on our facebook channel, check them out, they’re awesome: Tom did a great job of conducting very brief interviews on the marshal shuttle bus at the end of the race day while heading back to the Muster tent.

thomas marshal cam videos

Thumbs up to you Tom! Job well done… I’ll be sending you a bunch of #MarshalCam badges/patches for your CAMS orange overalls and whatever else you will wear on your big European marshaling adventure.

Second, another marshal at Australian GP apparently posted a few videos of his work in action at Turn 2… first for the sighting lap and then capturing the Maldonado crash on the first lap of the actual race: the 2015 Rolex Australian F1 Grand Prix.

Here are the videos:

and another (older) video by the same marshal from 2013 AGP:

Now I don’t suspect the video will last on YouTube especially since FIA is very strict about unauthorized content that they solely have the rights to… and if you remember from my earlier post Marshals are not privy to ownership of anything they take a picture/video of when on duty, they’re simply not allowed to! And so, this video makes the rest of us look like douchebags, because it obviously blatantly disregards the no-photo rules set by the marshal organizers.

How is this different from taking a video and sharing it among your closest friends on facebook? Well, it’s publicly posted on YouTube and with sites like Digg picking it up, it’ll only go viral faster.

The good outcome if there ever was one to come out of this, is the person that shot the video went ahead and filmed himself during this prohibited act… and therefore should be easily identifiable so that the event organizers and/or the FIA can deal with him directly, instead of bombarding the rest of the marshaling crew the following year about the “no-photo” rule. It is my honest opinion that reminding everyone so much about “not taking pictures,” and “don’t take any pictures” and “cameras not allowed when cars are on track” all it does is remind everyone about the possibility of taking a picture and basically encourages the person to give in to temptation.