Birthday at the Museum in Germany

Looks like I’ll be spending my birthday in Europe this year. I have a commitment in France but am planning to spend at least half of my trip in Germany and specifically some places I haven’t been to before: Stuttgart and Munich. And since I’m not planning on volunteering this time for any Motorsport event I’m totally debating visiting some amazing Automotive museums over the course of four days… the plan is to spend half a day exploring each one of the following (and starting the process of researching the logistics of doing each one):

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Factory Tour

Mercedes-Benz Assembly Plant Tour Sindelfingen

BMW Welt & BMW Museum in Munich

And if time and money allows:

Mazda Classic Museum Frey in Augsburg

Thanks to Maggie from Germany for the Mazda Frey museum suggestion!

I’m super excited about the prospect of this trip. Hopefully I get to do everything I’ve planned so far and then some. More research and info to come soon.a