Bonjour Le Mans! Postcard from the 24h of Le Mans

Salut Le Mans!

le mans 5

le mans 4

le mans 3

le mans la sarthe

I am thrilled to participate in this little event.

I’m stationed at Poste 106 bis, between Arnage corner and Porsche Curves. So far we have had the Toyota Hybrid of Buemi visit on Wed and a Ferrari Challenge 458 caught on fire on Thu. Plenty of action.

For race day I will be on these shifts, from 6pm to 9pm, from 2am to 4am and from 9am to 12pm.

I love it so far! Making good friends with all the Brits, Frenchys, Chechs and Germans on my station. As well as a few Spaniards and a single American from VIR.