Brilliant safety demo from Lamborghini Trofeo at Lime Rock

I was thrilled, truly pleasantly surprised when our Thursday morning meeting for the Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park started with a safety demo featuring the newest same-marque racing series: Lamborghini Trofeo. The powers that be from IMSA displayed various safety features of a brand new racing Gallardo, pointing out the tow loop, fire extinguisher button, electric cut off switch, etc.

It was quick, painless and very informative which is exactly what I think we need at more events around the world. A useful refresher for people (marshals) that are expected to perform at the top of their game under time sensitive and often dangerous conditions.

Thank You! to IMSA, to Lamborghini Trofeo and of course the New York Region of SCCA that ran the Northeast GP event at Lime Rock, you guys are world class!!!

lamborghini super trofeo demo lime rock 2

lamborghini super trofeo demo lime rock 1

lamborghini super trofeo demo lime rock 3

PS. one question that wasn’t asked… What is Change Cola?