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There are a lot of circuits out there, whether permanent race tracks or a street configuration that get’s assembled together just for a specific event.

My first experience volunteering was on the Marina Bay Street Circuit for the Singapore GP. Before I signed up as a marshal I did not even realize I was walking the streets that would host the fastest cars in the world in just matter of months. I had visited circuits like Barbagallo in Western Australia or Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, but somehow I was convinced that all the people working there were employees and I stood no chance getting a job with them. That was flawed thinking, and I’m happy to share any information I come across about how you can indeed volunteer at all kinds of circuits. Some you may even get paid for your services like the aforementioned Sepang, or New Jersey Motorsports Park in the US where I’m back now.

If you have any specific circuit information please don’t hesitate to share it with me in the comments below. You never know who may find this info invaluable, this web site is all about helping marshals.


Here’s a comprehensive list of circuits I marshaled: click here. 

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