Phillip Island Circuit

Phillip Island - AustraliaTo marshal at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit a few hours drive from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia you have a few options depending on the event you choose to volunteer for.

My experience working there for a few different events involved getting in contact with several organizations, including the track itself. For SBK Superbike event Phillip Island Operations handled the registration process, which involved mailing in an application and receiving a response via snail mail. That was very cool, and I really loved getting proper acceptance letter in the mail along with training materials and such. For Shannon’s Historics however the organizing body was Victorian Flagmarshalling Club which is a CAMS club in the state of Victoria.

For both events I worked the Siberia corner though from different perspectives, and looking out on the Indian ocean with the bikes in the background was the most beautiful sight in motorsports I have ever seen. I highly recommend volunteering at Phillip Island.

My first visit to the track was long before I started marshaling, in 2009 when I lived in Australia and got to drive down to the track with the friends that hosted me in Cranbourne. I was amazed that the track kept it’s own Kangaroos. Which was explained to me later is used for grass-cutting purposes. Smart!

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