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You may choose to search volunteer opportunities by the country you live in or plan to travel to on your motorsport adventure. I would like to offer my two cents on twelve specific countries because I have personal experience volunteering there. I will also include up to fifty other countries where motorsport volunteering opportunities may be available. However I will rely on information provided by friends and colleagues on how to go about signing up there.

My career as a marshal started in Singapore in 2011, so I will start by sharing information on how to sign up as a marshal there. From Singapore I moved to New Zealand and that country impressed me to bits with the frequency and variety of motorsport events taking place around there. From New Zealand I traveled to Australia to volunteer some specific events. My experience working with Australian marshals started in Singapore and stretched to Korea, UK and the US so I’m happy to share what I learned from that relationship and give significant praise to the level of dedication those volunteers devote to the sport.

While I currently live and volunteer in the United States, I have had a rather frustrating experience marshaling at home. I will happily share my experience, especially information I gathered from literally volunteering around the whole country. While my experience is brief and I’m quick to acknowledge that, the frequency of my participation has been quite intense. I will also lump my Canadian experience into this North American theme, though I feel our neighbors to the north do a much better job and treat marshaling with a lot more professionalism than the Americans do.

Finally, I will describe my one-off experiences marshaling in South Korea, a few European countries and the Middle East. My first and most significant rejection came from the marshaling body in the UAE for the Abu Dhabi GP at Yas Marina Circuit. Yet, I got another opportunity to work at that track on a different trip and it is by far one of my favorite facilities to marshal at (i.e. this is what a track looks like when money is no object) and I’m happy to share my experience from there.

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So sit back, relax and choose which country you’d like to volunteer at and see how I went about doing it:

PS. I have a number of countries on my wish list to volunteer… Brazil and South Africa are high at the top, while Azerbaijan and Ukraine are far less likely but quite possible given a chance. If you wish to share your experience with others about volunteering there or any other country I have not listed, please get in touch.

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