I have always wanted to volunteer in Germany, whether for the world famous home grown DTM racing series or for the amazing track experiences like the Nordschleife,  Nürburgring.

The dream came true thanks to a Belgian marshal I met at Le Mans a few years ago who organized all the logistics behind my volunteering at the  Nordschleife for the famous 24h of  Nürburgring. The best part the event took place a week after Le Mans 24h so making this happen was a no brainer I just had to do it!

This event requires quite a large marshaling crew and as is the case in the US and many other countries there were not enough people available to work. I say work because the  Nürburgring pays their marshals for participation. Unlike Le Mans, you are not expected to do anything but flagging the event. But the hours are long and often the weather isn’t very cooperative.

I got very lucky of course because of the help from the Belgians but also because the weather was absolutely perfect. Furthermore, I got a post that was smack in a middle of a village called Adenau which meant our campsite was adjacent to a Cafe with a functioning toilet, running water and many other amenities we didn’t have at Le Mans. Besides the Cafe there were a number of Restaurants, several Supermarkets, and a free shuttle bus to take you to the paddock/pits area. It was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend anyone to work the VLN events for which marshals are much needed.

Contact me for details and contacts, or if you have information please post it below to share with interested marshals.

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