To my own surprise I was able to marshal in Portugal, and had a fantastic time. So I would highly recommend this opportunity to others because you will most definitely enjoy it.

I was surprised because I sort of automatically assumed that since Spain isn’t very welcoming to foreign volunteers, their Iberian neighbor would be similar. But I was completely wrong.

I came across an ad for the Maxi Endurance 32h race online, and shot an e-mail to the organizers not expecting much in return. Again, I was surprised they responded and kindly put me in touch with the manager at the Algarve Circuit. He was more than accommodating and quickly signed me up for the event, provided me with valuable information about both the circuit and the general area of Algarve in Southern Portugal and made himself available for any further questions I had.

While at the track I worked directly with marshals from Estoril near Lisbon and both Algarve and Estoril marshals welcomed me warmly. There was a genuine respect for each other and it made me feel right at home. I also met a British marshal that now calls the area home and he too wouldn’t stop raving about his experience there.

So if you’re interested I urge you to give it a go! I have contacts that I’m happy to share.

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