The story of Singapore has many ups and downs, as any story would. My experience there started with a rejection letter. I lived in Singapore in 2011 on a working holiday scheme. As with all other information that was readily available I was thrilled to discover the online application process for volunteers at the Singapore GP – no experience necessary. Great!

The rejection e-mail was not a surprise. I had sent thousands of e-mails during my job search and was constantly declined. But my name was added to the “wait list” and after a few weeks I was offered a spot at Singapore Management University where classroom training was taking place. I quickly reconfirmed my interest and attended all the training modules. After learning theory we had some hands on training at the Manitou facility, the makers of those red cranes you see doing vehicle recoveries at many circuits during F1. We even took a trip across the border into Malaysia for some live simulation training at the Johor Circuit.

So why do I tell you two paragraphs of filler before providing a direct link to the application page? It is important to manage your expectations. Singapore GP gets over three thousand (3,000+) applicants of which only about 1/3rd is chosen as marshals. Many of them are the returning marshals from previous years. So the opportunity to get in is limited. But not impossible.

Persistence pays off. Getting a referral from a returning marshal increases your chance of getting picked because you can lodge your application before the general public. I have tremendous respect to the organizers of that event and feel what they do in the recruitment process is the correct way of doing things. Singapore is one of the few places in the world that is not hurting for personnel to staff an event. Hat tip to them for that!

The web site to register is:  (Singapore follows strict recruitment timeframe/deadlines, so stay tuned to the blog portion of my site to see when registration opens)

Some tips to take note before signing up for Singapore GP. If you are registering as a local and have no experience, you must commit to the training modules. SGP often uses Go Karts as hands on training. If you are one of the chosen few they will fly you to Australia for more hands on training at such events as V8 Supercars at Clipsal, Darwin or the Australian GP in Melbourne. That training is typically reserved for senior marshals or specialists.

Volunteering for the Singapore GP you don’t need to bring much in terms of gear. Several sets of overalls are provided, along with caps, whistles, lunches and even a “Race Officials” handbook in case you must refresh some of your classroom training. Do bring comfortable shoes and good wet weather gear. Singapore is rather warm, so avoid wearing layers.

For visiting international marshals. You will be assigned a particular role to which you will stick. There are separate marshals flagging, communicating, doing response/cleaning track, fire marshals, medics, etc. Unlike other places in the world you only perform your assigned role. If you can offer help with other roles discuss it with your post chief, but remember your role is your primary responsibility. Singapore still uses guest senior marshals from Australia that oversee some posts. So there is a clearly defined hierarchy, chain of command.


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