24 Hours of Le Mans

Perhaps the most famous endurance race in the world is the 24 hours of Le Mans at the Circuit de la Sarthe in the city of Le Mans, France. Currently running as part of FIA WEC World Endurance Championship. 24 hours of Le Mans marshals or comissaires de piste and signaleuers are organized by the Automobile Club del’Ouest (ACO).

The application process is relatively tricky as simply filling out the form on the web site does not necessarily generate a positive response. The way I went about doing it is by asking fellow marshals on the Ten-Tenths.com forums and it was discovered that the post chiefs / chef de poste pick and choose whom they wish to work with. So naturally knowing one of them opens the door to volunteering for you. Of course I didn’t know anybody so between the contacts I had already made while marshaling and the new contacts I made through the forums I managed to find a chef de poste that would accept me.

The experience of marshaling the 24 hours of Le Mans is like no other. I highly recommend it to anyone! Please share your experience in the comments below.


Motorsport Marshal, Miata Driver, Hot Wheels Collector