Cars & Decaf Bergen County at Fireplace in Paramus

I love coming out to car events, especially if they’re so local I could practically walk there. So tonight I finally had a chance to check out the local Cars & Decaf (the weekday version of Cars & Coffee) in Bergen County held at the famous Fireplace restaurant in Paramus.

I’ve been to the Fireplace a number of times before because the food is good, so this time I arrived early, went inside for a nice meal and by the time I came out the parking lot was full of very pretty cars. The most interesting thing to me was how mixed up everything was… you had your Lamborghini Aventador’s parked next to Ferrari F430’s, parked next to Mazda MX-5 Miata’s. But instead of writing about it, I’ll just share some cell phone pix I took:

cars and decaf lambo aventador

cars and decaf ferrari 458

cars and decaf ferrari lambo

cars and decaf classic ferrari

cars and decaf ferrari sticker

cars and decaf firebird firehawk

cars and decaf porsche 911 GT3

cars and decaf viper

cars and decaf mx-5 miata

cars and decaf honda s2000

cars and decaf miata elise

I got to chat with both the S2000 and the Elise owners. Great guys. The Lotus owner was kind enough to park his car next to the Miata so I can take some comparison shots. The MX-5 looks huge next to the tiny little Elise.

cars and decaf miata elise 2

cars and decaf miata elise 1

Very happy I had the opportunity to attend this event, and will be sure to keep an eye out on future events in this area this summer.