Motos in my 2016 Marshaling Calendar

I forgot to add a Motorcycle race to my wishlist in 2016. So here’s a post reminding myself to do it! This year I did express interest in MotoGP at COTA but I did it way too late and it didn’t materialize in time even though they accepted me to marshal there. The irony from […]

Top 10 Foodie Experiences while Marshaling (International)

Three important components make up this wonderful hobby that I blog about while volunteering in Motorsport: 1). Racing, 2). Travel to get to the Races and 3). the Foodie experiences along the way. Here are my Top 10 Foodie experiences (cheap, greasy, delicious!) while marshaling, that I would absolutely go back for just to sample the […]

Elevated Marshal Posts at Algarve Circuit

Every circuit I visit provides an opportunity to learn something new, something unique. The Algarve Circuit where I worked the Maxi 32h event this weekend was no exception. In Portugal they use elevated marshal stations around the Portimão Circuit full of blind corners and significant elevation changes. For Friday’s practice I got to work Post […]

Maxi Endurance 32h in Portugal debrief

I am so excited to report back from the Maxi Endurance 32h race held at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve this weekend. The trip was a fantastic success and an excellent conclusion to my 2014 season. Portugal became the thirteenth country that I have worked in as a volunteer, and the Portimão Circuit thirty something… But who’s […]

Marshal Log Book Project: #MarshalLogBook

It’s been a while since I had my log book signed. Oh you’ve never heard of a log book? Well, marshals around the world record their event participation in a little book which they bring to the track to get signed each weekend by their flag chief or post chief, to validate that they indeed […]

MaxiEndurance is a Go!

Once the flight is booked there’s no backing out of the event, so my Maxi Enduro 32h is a definite Go! In a typical fashion I’ll be doing a marathon across most of Europe to get to Algarve coast in Portugal with connections in Switzerland, Spain and Germany on the way. Though I won’t […]

Maxi Endurance 32h in Portimão, Portugal

The United States Grand Prix was a letdown. In a way it was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. I knew based on my post assignment it wasn’t going to be a thrilling event, and being there only proved the inevitable boredom. But I refuse to end my marshaling season on a sour […]